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Bus / Subway Train from Hongdae to Everland

Using Bus: (Recommended - faster, cheaper but fixed time)

  • Two-way Bus Fare + Everland 1-Day Pass (Bundle Package) = KRW52,000 per person (pre-booking is required, only one bus per day)
  • Travel Time: 1 Hour 50 minutes
If you plan to go from Hongdae to Everland, you have TWO options: Subway train or Bus:
Bus - Depart Hongdae from bus stop at Hongik University Station EXIT 4 at 9.50am to Everland and depart from Everland at 9.15pm after evening firework show to return to Hongik University Station EXIT 4 bus stop, Hongdae.
Bus Stop at Hongik University EXIT 4 - Bus to Everland depart from here at 9.50am and return to here after  evening fireworks show at Everland (pre-booking required)

Using Subway Train: (slower but flexible in time)

Take Subway Train using the following route - Hongik University Station (LINE 2) -> Sindorim Station (Change to LINE 1) -> Suwon (Change to SUIN LINE) -> Giheung Station (Change to EVERLINE) -> Jeondae Station, Everland -> Free Shuttle Bus to Everland
    • Subway Train Ticket Fare: KRW5,100 (return) + Everland 1-Day Pass KRW35000 (online price) or KRW54,000 (counter price) KRW41,000 to KRW59,100 per person
    • Travel Time: 2 Hour 30 minutes.
[CLICK TO ENLARGE] Subway Train Map from Hongik University Station to Jeondae, Everland Station. Notice that you need to change train line at station marked with T bubble.
Fare Information for One Way Subway Train Trip from Hongik University Station to Jeondae Everland Station.

Bus vs Subway Train from Hongik University to Everland

Hongdae is the most trendy hangout place for youth in Seoul and young tourists to Seoul. Naturally, many people will want to travel from Hongdae to Everland, the favorite theme park for youth in Seoul other than Lotte World. However, Everland is quite far from downtown Seoul or Hongdae for that matter. After reading the two traveling options above, you may wander if you should take bus or subway train to Everland from Hongdae.
If you consider ease of travelling, many people will prefer the bus option because you get return bus transfer directly from Hongdae to Everland. Unlike taking subway train where you have to worry about changing from one train line to another for three times before arriving Jeondae Everland station, you just need to sit back and relax while the bus take you from Hongdae to Everland. 
If you consider the cost, train may appear to be cheaper in the first glance but if you add the normal price of Everland admission ticket (Everland 1-Day Pass), the total cost will be up to KRW59100 (unless you buy the Everland 1-Day Pass in advance online at the online price of KRW35,000). This makes the subway train option may become more expensive compared to bus where you get bus transfer from Hongdae to Everland and return plus Everland 1-Day Pass bundled for only KRW52,000. Perhaps the transfer bus operator get a good deal from Everland for bringing many visitors to the theme park from Seoul. Therefore, they can sell you the ticket and offer you bus transfer at the same time at a price that is even lower than the normal Everland 1-Day Pass counter price of KRW54,000. 
The only drawback in taking bus compared to train is that the bus departs from Hongdae and Everland at a fixed time, which make it less flexible compared to subway train. For the bus transfer service, it will leave the bus stop at EXIT 4 of Hongik University Station at 9.50am. If you take the subway train, you can decide to leave anytime you want and just catch the next available train. For return trip, the bus transfer service will leave Everland at 8.15pm or 9.15pm or 10.15pm depending on the closing time of Everland that the day of your visit (closing time: 8.00pm or 9:00pm or 10pm depending on season). This will make sure that you got a chance to enjoy the wonderful fireworks show to end your day at Everland before the bus taking safely back to Hongdae. If you take train, you will have the flexibility of leaving anytime earlier if you prefer. However, this flexibility in travelling time also come at the expense of longer travelling time of 2 hours 30 minutes for subway train compared to 1 hour 50 minutes for bus. Also, if you want to take the bus service to go to Everland, you need to pre-book your trip a few days in advance as there is only one bus a day. 
With that said, you should have enough information to decide which mode of transportation suit your need best for going from Hongdae to Everland and return. Of course, if money is not a problem, you can always hire a taxi to go to Everland from the door step of your hotel in Hongdae. The taxi fare from Hongdae to Everland is about KRW80,000 for a regular taxi carrying up to 3 passengers or KRW120,000 for a premium sedan taxi or mini van.


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